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What do you value the most?

(Originally from the Newsletter sent to our subscribers on July 19, 2022)

These past few weeks, the sessions at the Mind Spa have had a collective theme of values. Because of these community conversations, I felt called to design our July newsletter around Core Values; what they are, how to identify your own, and how examining your values can bring clarity to your life.

Sara Sutler-Cohen, Ph.D. defines core values as “the root beliefs that a person or organization operates from. They are the principled perspectives that guide a person or organization’s behavior with others.”

Principles are what you believe in; your philosophy in life. However, your choices show what you truly value. Your actions and behaviors reflect those values.

When you identify what is important to you, you can use that knowledge as the foundation to build your life, goals, habits, and even thoughts! Connecting with your values highlights how coherent you are with your philosophy in life. This process is the matter of integrity to your core.

There are so many ways to identify your core values. Here are two of the techniques I have leaned on while figuring out my own:

  • Technique 1 - Find a bunch of key words that appeal to you. A few examples include: Family, Relationships, Learning, Excellence, Innovation, and Quality . Then, articulate why they appeal to you. How much of that word do you live by / integrate / work towards in your life at present?

  • Technique 2 - Identify what gives you true meaning in life. What is most important to you? Note: this doesn’t have to be one thing. You are a multi-faceted person and different values can bring fulfillment and meaning to each of those different facets. For example, I have found that creativity, empowering the creativity of others, and authentic relationships are most important to me and therefore a core part of who I am - these are three of my top core values.

Your core values are the foundation for your being and can provide clarity whenever you are struggling, lost, or feeling challenged. Leaning on your core values can be leveraged to unlock your potential, reach your goals, and become successful. I invite you to journal using these two techniques and use the questions as prompts to help identify your core values.

If you would like some guidance and / or more techniques to delve deeper into identifying your core values, I invite you to schedule a session at The Mind Spa. Together, we can explore how your personal values can help you become your most authentic self If you are a first time customer, I recommend booking a 60 min Mind Spa Experience ($89). Or if you are a returning client, a 90 min Mind Spa Experience ($139) or a deep dive Creative Mentoring session ($350) with Manori is recommended. Use code 10%OFF at checkout for a discounted session price. Book here

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