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Success and Future Attractors (with core values as a foundation)

(Originally from the Newsletter sent to our subscribers on Aug 11, 2022)

In our July newsletter, we explored the topic of Core Values and a few techniques to identify them. Then, a client asked me “knowing my core values helped me with my short-term goals, but then what?”. So, this month, we will explore how core values can be used for success and as future attractors.

It was interesting for me to hear my client’s perspective because I realized that there is a need to further unpack the true potential of identifying our core values. After all, this is work we need to do in more than one session. I’ve always used my core values as a GPS, they help me zoom out to the bigger picture and gain clarity regarding those areas in my life I want to prioritize. So, let’s examine what we can do with core values, together.

First, let’s review some of the benefits of knowing your core values:

  • Self Knowledge: To know your core values is to know yourself. You have to know what brings you joy. Knowing your core values requires the kind of intimacy with yourself that relies on radical honesty, self-compassion, and non-judgment.

  • Confidence: With deep self-connection and self-knowledge comes a foundation that you can use to build self-confidence. You are most confident when you hold integrity. You are most confident when you align with your values. Paired with healthy boundaries, and continuous practice of implementing these boundaries, you will become more confident.

  • Goals: Once you know your core values, that can help guide what you should base your goals on. If financial freedom / stability showed up as a core value, you can list goals related to financial stability like starting investing in a retirement plan or setting some savings goals.

So, how do you leverage values for success and create powerful future attractors*?

In early August, I created an Instagram reel about Success. (Sidebar - if you are not following us on Instagram, do so for weekly bite-size Neuma Being musings and wisdom) In this post, I shared some insights about abundance and success. There are two questions that I ask myself that help me navigate the topic of success:

  1. How do I define success? Does success correlate with money and material possessions and/or is success defined by how much I live by my values? For example, one of my most significant values is having the freedom to be my authentic self; this means being engaged in activities and relationships that bring me joy, meaning, and purpose. If I have this, I am successful.

  2. What is the relationship I have with success? Do I think that I am worthy of these things that I defined as ‘success’? You will be forced to confront your beliefs on worthiness in answering this question. In an upcoming newsletter and blog post, I will write about my own journey of exploring and discussing worthiness.

These two questions not only put success into perspective but also helped me recognize the abundance I am already blessed with and surrounded by. When you know your core values, you will be able to prioritize and set goals both long and short term. It will assist in envisioning the future you want for yourself, reinforced with your ideology of success. If you can visualize your future successful self, you can start building a bridge between your current self and your future self with actionable steps. One final note on this topic - your values will change over time. Some of my values have changed in response to sociopolitical and environmental factors. That fluidity enables me to see my core values as something that evolves, just as I am evolving.

If you are curious to learn more about how to tap into your higher self, increase happiness, and attract success, I invite you to visit the Mind Spa for a session. For a first-time customer, I recommend booking a 60 min Mind Spa Experience ($89) or if you are a returning client, book a 90 min Mind Spa Experience ($139). Book here

With Warm Regards, Manori

* Note - Future Attractors: If you want to understand more about the topic of future attractor, you can listen to this delightful podcast episode courtesy of the non-profit ICRL.

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