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Bringing the Mind Spa to you (Virtually)

You are already familiar with our guided Altered State Journeys using the beautiful Neuma Lounge at the Mind Spa. During the last lockdown in LA, I started receiving requests for virtual guided journeys.

Here’s the thing. When Nelson and I learned to experience heightened states of consciousness decades ago, we did it applying techniques the old-fashioned way. I must have been around 12 or so when I had my first one. I was meditating for a couple of hours that night, in lotus position, in my childhood bedroom in a small town in Sri Lanka. All of a sudden, I started feeling like I was expanding like a balloon and I soon found myself at the ceiling, looking down at everything. I was seeing colors and felt like floating. Nelson has a similar story. When he was 16, in Florida, he was dabbling with self-hypnosis and lucid dreams when he had his first substance-free "trip."

Over the years, we learned many techniques to induce Altered States - all without the use of substances. We continue to use several altered state techniques to this day to help us manage stress, thrive in our lives and our work in engineering and architecture. In fact, we got the idea for Neuma Being when Manori was in an altered state right before falling asleep after a day long hike, in Colorado, back in 2016.

These techniques and our experiences inspired us to design and prototype the Neuma Lounge. While the lounge is the fastest way to get to these states (in as little as 20 mins!), we discovered the techniques themselves are powerful enough to reap many benefits.

  • Connect to your creativity to find inspiration

  • Reduce the risk of stress and burnout

  • Experience deeper relaxation

  • Feel Rejuvenated

  • Deeper connection to yourself and your environment

  • Reduce Anxiety and Discomfort

  • Cognitive Shifts

  • Authentic Bliss & Gratitude

  • Enhanced Focus

  • Connect more dots / Creative Problem-Solving

... and the list goes on.

One of our clients Mallorie is seen here doing a Virtual Mind Spa Journey

When you book a Virtual Mind Spa Journey, you will get to have a discussion about what you are looking to achieve. Then, based on that we will curate a guided journey for you. With detailed instructions, you never feel like you are left to figure things out on your own. One of our beta testers described these journeys as meditation but x10 and without frustration. The guided instructions are layered with some beautiful soundscapes. Manori designed these journeys with the intention of optimizing the experience with a specific outcome in mind.

Learn to dive deep into your subconscious and tap into the creative, healing and transformative power within.

Sign-up for the Virtual Mind Spa today and discover an accessible, affordable way to continue your personal wellness journey. Click Here to Book Your Journey Now



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