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Pilot Study results are here!!!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The pandemic disrupted EVERYTHING! It felt like everything came to a complete stop. But of course, it didn't! Because that's the nature of being. Mother nature had a much needed break and had an opportunity to bounce back. Humans slowly but surely adapted to this new reality and find new ways of being. The resilience and grit on display has been very promising. Our plans for Neuma Being were also thrown off track for a little bit and we pivoted and we are persisting through the pandemic. Gladly between the second wave and the third wave of the pandemic (or are we still in the same first wave? 🧐), we were able to start and finish our pilot study we were hoping to do in March-May.

We will soon release a white paper outlining the results of a pilot study of 85 users that were surveyed on their Neuma Mind Spa experience, featuring a guided altered states journey and the Neuma Lounge technology. The white paper summarizes our findings and the scientific benefits of mindful altered states and common sensations  associated with them.

© 2020, NEUMASCAPE STUDIO, INC. All rights reserved

Photography - Emi Kitawaki / Model - Rachel Labovitch

The results were overwhelmingly positive! They exceeded our expectations based on the assumptions we made in starting this journey. An astounding 98% reported feeling better than upon arrival after their time at the Mind Spa  — with 89% describing themselves as more “relaxed” and 94% as more "tranquil" as well as “alert, focused, or aware.” A sense of being recharged or re-energized was reported by 83% of users. This stress, fatigue and burnout relief does not immediately dissipate, either. Follow-ups revealed that 80% of users continued to feel more relaxed, tranquil, and recharged over the next one to three days.

When asked about their experience, the results were almost unanimously positive with 78% reporting “loving” the experience. In addition:

  • 93% would like to repeat the experience

  • 97% would recommend the experience to a friend

  • 81% would like to have a Neuma Lounge at work and

  • 76% would like to have one at home

In their own words, participants described the Neuma Lounge experience as “relaxation without intoxication,” "dry flotation," a “contactless massage,” and even “needle-free acupuncture.” The result was a quick, easy and affordable altered state, often resulting in a “cognitive shift” that users carried within themselves for days. Additionally, 98% said their overall experience was “novel” and unlike anything they had engaged with before.

The most common sensations reported by Neuma Lounge users correlate with those associated with altered states like hypnogogia, lucid dreams, and out-of-body experiences. Altered states can provide creative inspirations, insights, breakthroughs, and an improve a sense of overall well-being. These were some of the sensations reported:

© 2020, NEUMASCAPE STUDIO, INC. All rights reserved

These results have confirmed the effectiveness of the Neuma Being approach and the need for the Neuma App, for a range of Neuma Lounge units, and more Neuma Mind Spas around the world. Contact Neuma Being to receive a copy of the white paper, email <>

If you would like to find out more about Neuma Mind Spa Experiences, click here to read and compare what each experience suits you best.

*Note - We are taking a very limited number of in-person appointments every week during this pandemic spike. We don't have any walk in appointments until further notice.

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