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Managing stress during holidays

(Originally from our Winter 2022 Newsletter sent to our subscribers on Dec 19, 2022)

If you are like me, holidays are a time of excitement and joy, but they are also a bit hectic and stressful. I love the holiday spirit, cooler weather, crisp air, and the holiday cheer. But, I am neither a fan of all the artificial pressure that builds up at the end of the year, nor of the consumer culture, not to mention the stress that comes with traveling.

During the holiday season, I’ve found it necessary to build a ritual and intentionally plan some down time to my schedule so I can maintain a sense of integrity of who I am. Otherwise, with all the activities, all the year end deadlines and commitments, it's easy to find myself in a mild state of burnout. Burnout doesn't bring out the best in me, so managing the stress levels is key.

Here are some of my quick and easy go-to practices to maintain inner equilibrium:

  • Find 3-5 mins every few hours to take a break from work. I use this time to do one of these things:

    1. take some deep breaths

    2. drink some water

    3. meditate a few minutes

    4. water my plants and/or talk to my plants

    5. check in on my partner

    6. make myself some tea / hot chocolate / coffee / other warm drink of choice

  • One of the bigger aspects that gets effected is my sleep. I am a very light sleeper so it's important I prioritize that. So, I communicate to my partner (and friends if I'm planning to meet them) that I need to be in bed by x time so I can get enough rest.

  • Schedule wellness sessions like therapy, acupuncture, Mind Spa and other wellness practices ahead of time so when I need it, I'm not scrambling to find appointments

  • Maintain my regular workout schedule

  • Go for walks. Being outside and getting some sun, and even some light activity is very helpful to maintain a steady mood.

  • Play with your pet

Mental & physical wellbeing is not only grand gestures or activities that require big commitments. They can be small but consistent set of activities that help you stay committed to your overall wellbeing. Successfully managing stress during the holidays requires recommitting to yourself. In other words, every time you take small actions, you are renewing your commitment to your well-being.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

With Best Wishes,


PS: If you want to manage stress and start off 2023 with balanced energy, I invite you to visit the Mind Spa for a session. For a first-time customer, I recommend booking a 60 min Mind Spa Experience ($89) or if you are a returning client, book a 90 min Mind Spa Experience ($139). Book here

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