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Reflections on Earth Day

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Today is the 50th Earth Day. We are grateful to those who helped make this annual observance a reality. It provides us a moment to collectively reflect about our individual and collective responsibility to maintain our Pale Blue Dot, our Spaceship Earth. 

At Neuma Being, we have observed that people can experience cognitive shifts that lead them to a more sustainable way of life. Humanity experienced it when pictures of the Earth from outer space reminded us we are already hurdling through space, together, and that this is the only Home we have. It protects us from the perils of space through a very thin and sensitive systems like the ozone layer. 

They experience an Overview Effect, which tends to change their identify and worldview from, say, a Japanese-American heterosexual, middle-class woman to a more universal identity, part of a Planetary ecosystem. 

“When I looked up and saw the Earth coming up on this very stark, beat up lunar horizon… I was immediately almost overcome by the thought that here we came all this way to the Moon, and yet the most significant thing we’re seeing is our own home planet, the Earth.” — Bill Anders, Apollo 8 astronaut

When people spend time in nature and realize that there is such beauty in it and that we are a part of an ecosystem, they often experience such a shift as well. Additionally, when we see our fellow humans go through hardship, our mirror neurons remind us that it could have been us and our relatives in that situation - we want to help, as we recognize our kinship. 

At Neuma Being, we facilitate such cognitive shifts through the power of the subconscious mind. Our technology and techniques facilitate mindful and lucid sleep states that have the potential to be transformative. When we access this realm of Internal Reality, we may be merely entertained and deeply relaxed.

Sometimes, however, we can get life-changing insight and mental expansion. We can develop a sense of connection and integration that transforms why, what, and how we act. Throughout history, people have experienced personal transformation with lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences, hypnagogic visions, and cosmic consciousness experiences of enlightenment. 

When astronauts look at the Earth from outer space, they are changed for ever. When “astralnauts” look at themselves in this inner space, some times they too are transformed. When they do, their sense of ecology and altruism tends to be enhanced. Their sense of purpose is greater and their fear of death and material obsessions are lessened. 

People can come out of such experiences with a more cosmic perspective, a greater sense of Oneness with all living things. It is a sort of an overview effect. It is our sincere hope that as our IR/VR/AR trans tech and techniques become more commonplace, people will not only get improvements in well-being and creative performance, but also realizations about new ways of thinking, doing and being that can benefit all of humanity. 

Our sub-conscious is a tremendous well of ideas and energy. May we learn to dip into for courage as well, so we can work together to limit the effects of climate change, to eliminate pollution and to protect ecosystems. Let us become better stewards of Earth’s natural beauty so future generations can also be Awed and Transformed by it. 

Happy Earth Day!

Watch this beautiful video about the overview effect on Vimeo (19 minutes), click here

Image from Pexel

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