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The World's First Mind Spa Opens in L.A.'s Chinatown

A novel type of experience is coming to Los Angeles on November 15, 2019, courtesy of Neuma Being, a project by Neumascape Studio and the brainchild of Manori Sumanasinghe, a SCI-Arc graduate and Sri Lanka native. The Neuma Mind Spa & Showroom utilizes spaces, technology, and experiences to help us re-charge, re-connect, and re-image. Visitors will be able to "play" with various products and technologies like a gym or arcade that can enhance their mental states. Neuma Mind Spa aims to ignite creative expression, empathy, performance and problem solving. It all takes place in a welcoming environment through a curated experience that is a hybrid between a cafe, a spa, and a gallery for your mind.

The highlight of the space is the Cymatix, a smart lounge with embedded patented technology that uses the power of sound and vibration, inspired on ancient mindfulness techniques, to deeply relax the user for wellness and imagination. Together with other "transformative technologies," its community programs and an upcoming app, the Neuma Being ecosystem is a new resource for L.A.'s creatives professionals and anyone looking for a new way to self-care. Neuma Being's soft launches on November 8 & 9 attracted approximately 70 business professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, and architects - including SCI-Arc and USC IYA & Viterbi staff, students, and alumni. They resonated with the goal of boosting creative performance and improving well-being in face of urban fatigue and to avoid burnout. Professionals from the insurance, medical industries, HR and corporate leadership have shown interest in Neuma Being, too. It is now well-known that heightened states of mind can save thousands of dollars per employee per year in productivity and health care costs, in addition to intangible gains in innovation, office atmosphere, engagement and customer service.

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