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Let's talk about cognitive shifts...

What are cognitive shifts? And why do they play a central role in our work?

Throughout history, people have experienced transformation when they were awestruck by the majesty of the universe or nature or art. Astronauts report being changed forever by seeing our beautiful and fragile Earth, without borders, from outer-space.

A cognitive shift is a major change, expansion or breakthrough in thinking, understanding, and mindset. Such visceral, paradigm-shifting experiences are often accompanied by a sense of awe. They cause us to reevaluate the world and our place and connection with it. They can be profoundly integrative, expanding our sense of oneness with fellow beings, with the very fabric of reality.

This is why cognitive shifts are central to the work we do. It enables us to have a deeper connection with ourselves, our purpose, and the world around us. We facilitate cognitive shifts with techniques and technology inspired by ancient and contemporary practices. These include mindfulness, heightened and lucid sleep states such as lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, hypnagia, etc. Regardless of the ultimate nature of these experiences, one thing is certain: people have been transformed and inspired by them throughout history.

Neuma Being tech can help you achieve deep relaxation and creative “body asleep - mind awake” hypnagogic states. This supports the well-being and ideation of problem-solvers and leaders. However, some times people can experience awe and cognitive shifts that result in a refreshing, game-changing perspective to their personal and professional lives. While these cannot be guaranteed, when the magic happens, lightbulbs go off, and new ways of thinking are born; new mindsets to address problems in communities, organizations and the world-at-large.

Join our membership program that we will be launching in early May. We will have talks, discussions, guests, and resources aimed at promoting cognitive shifts. In response to the current pandemic, we are providing 60 days free access to our Pemium membership. Sign up today!

You can also purchase gift certificates that can be redeemed when The Neuma Mind Spa resumes operations post lockdown. We currently have a 50% off offer to help our community prepare for the post COVID-19 world. You can purchase a gift certificate here using code RECOVER20X

Stay well & stay safe!

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