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Being, Bits and Bolts: Podcast interviews on Tech, Design, and Well-Being

This month, Neuma Being’s Nélson Abreu discussed how tech, design, and well-being come together with the emergence of transformative technology in two podcast interviews.

There are a number of extraordinary experiences, like the ones explored in his recent book, that can positively shape people’s behavior and improve their well-being and sense of purpose.

Rather than advance any particular view on their ultimate nature, Nelson is interested in techniques and technologies that can make sure impactful and curious experiences more accessible. The important thing becomes meeting people where they are and improving their life in ways they find relevant. Each individual is free to interpret such experiences as they wish, but still reap important benefits:

  • Enhanced imagination, problem-solving

  • Improved decision-making

  • Enjoyment and relaxation

  • Reduction of stress, inflammation, pain

  • Sense of wonder and connection

Both interviews took place November, 2019:

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