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A new kind of millionaire

Neuma Being’s goal is to become a new kind of millionaire organization: one that directly or indirectly touches the lives of over a million people with its creations. Neuma Being spaces, experiences, and products - with the world's first mind spa as its corner stone - are meant to help urbanites recharge, reconnect, and reimagine to improve well-being and performance. The transformative technology that we create and showcase help bring out the elevated and creative states of mind associated with great moments of insight behind many of history's inventions, solutions, and works of art.

Neuma Being will to help Angelinos and visitors achieve optimal states of body, mind, and spirit aka “our best selves.” Los Angeles, an international capital for the creative arts, and no stranger to mindfulness, well-being, and pop up experiences, seems like a fitting home. Looking at global crises and the needs of the new economy, it is easy to see how motivation, empathy and problem-solving mojo can play an important role.

Neuma Being's community will be comprised of numerous innovators such as social and commercial entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, architects, scientists, and leaders of businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Our activities, technologies, spaces, and experiences have already begun to power the work of creatives and inspire new collaboration to boost well-being to communities, workplaces, schools, healthcare and beyond. By supporting L.A.'s social innovators, Neuma Being aims to facilitate the ripples of change and improvement that will improve the lives of a million people.

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