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NEUMA LOUNGE is a beautiful semi-enclosed Chaise Lounge / Recliner with embedded technology,    designed to put your body into a deep relaxed state while keeping your mind awake. It mimics the sensations associated with one of the most powerful mindfulness techniques, using gentle micro vibrations that undulate up and down your body. 

Come visit Neuma Mind Spa + Showroom in Chinatown, Los Angeles to try the Neuma Lounge and it's unique experience. 

The design of the lounge pays homage to the womb of a mother – the most primal safe space to grow, heal,
and nurture.

This beautiful piece of smart furniture comes with many unique features:

  • The contemporary design with gentle curves creates an immediately familiar yet sophisticated personal space

  • The ergonomic design of the seat provides maximum relaxation and comfort. 

  • The semi-enclosed beautiful shell extending past the seat, offers a sense of safety and comfort 

  • Embedded patent pending technology creates micro vibrations using gentle and almost inaudible  sound waves

  • The micro vibrations oscillate from head to toe mimic a powerful mindfulness technique that facilitates deep relaxation of the body while keeping the mind awake

  • This state of deep relaxation often leads to creative insight, a boost in alertness, and  improves overall well-being. 

  • Users report that it provides comparable benefits to that of a full body massage, acupuncture, meditation, float tank experience, or a sound bath 

In 2021, we intend to release Neuma Lounge for purchase.



Sound healing audio modules, unique VR experiences,

and mindfulness training modules

Cymatix Experience
Inspiration for the name THE CYMATIX came from
the ancient greek word cymatic, meaning, wave.
Since the underlying technology works mainly with sound waves, the name Cymatix felt fitting.
We were able to reinforce the symbolism
with the design of the shell 
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