The Full 50 min Mind Spa Experience

Stop by Neuma Mind Spa to enjoy a 50-minute session. 

The Neuma Mind Spa experience includes:

  • Introduction and  Intention-setting with Manori or Nelson

  • Tea or Coffee ritual + pampering

  • 20 minutes on the Cymatix. Choose from either relaxation or recharging experience 

  • Feedback and Reflection

  • Guidance to continue personal practice

Want to recharge your energy + creativity in under an hour? 

Want to unwind from your hectic day?

Need a little pampering?

Experience what neuro-bio tech can do for you.


Allow us to pamper you... The world's first Spa for your mind offers the opportunity for you to disconnect from the daily grind of the city and recharge your body, reconnect with yourself, and reimagine the possibilities. This cozy, creative space is designed to be a sanctuary from  the hustle and bustle of the city environment. 


Neuma Mind Spa is a unique experience designed to take you to a deep relaxed state while keeping your mind awake. This state is often associated with enhancing creative spirit, lower stress,  promote empathy, and a deeper relationship with one's-self and their community. This curated creative space with a relaxing and welcoming ambiance sets a unique vibe that is a hybrid between a spa, café, and an art gallery.

Play is an important part of our MO.
Some of the tech we have in our showroom are part game, part training. These tools help with increasing cognitive functions, sparking a
creative fire, or simply having fun.

This space and the technology facilitate deep state of relaxation that can spark creativity, boost alertness, and promote healing. 

This curated creative space with a relaxing and welcoming ambiance creates a unique vibe that is a hybrid between a spa, café, and an art gallery. The main feature, however, is the
Cymatix - a chaise lounge / recliner, a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece of designer smart furniture with embedded technology (patent pending).


We also carry a library of curated Transformative Tech gadgets that are intended to improve your focus, alertness, awareness, empathy, decision-making, creative insight (problem-solving) and well-being. You can try out  these items and even purchase some of them at the showroom. Visit us to enjoy our expanding collection of brain toys and tech gadgets that will be fun for users of all ages.


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