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Manori: Press Kit
Manori: Single-Page Press Kit


Kim McCaul Interviews Nelson about The Tao of the Dow

Nelson returns to Multidimensional Evolution Podcast to talk to Kim McCaul about his latest book The Tao of the Dow.

Be a Force podcast

Manori Sumsnsinghe is helping her clients understand and relieve symptoms related to burnout, anxiety, and fatigue. During these uncertain times Manori is teaching us what signs to look for and the importance of self-care. Plus find out about everything her spa, Neuma Being, has to offer its community.

Manori on Multidimensional Evolution Podcast

In this interview Manori provides some insight into the remarkable journey that brought her from rural and war torn Sri Lanka to the US and to the kind of creative and assistential projects that she is realizing now. It is an inspiring story of resilience, self-care, passion and commitment.

The Kingdom of Nye

Manori was interviewed on late night live radio show The Kingdom of Nye with Heather Wade on June 25, 2020

IYA The Pulse features Nelson

THE PULSE OF INNOVATION, an online magazine that features the latest news and updates at the USC IYA and in the field, did a spotlight feature on Nelson, Neuma Being, and his new book

Nelson's interview with Wendy Zammit. Here he talks about Neuma Being and his new book The Tao of the Dow.

Technology & Well-being

Manori Sumanasinghe, CEO of Neuma Being Interviewed by Julia Widdop of Shamanic Arts Center May 2020 (15 mins)

Zpryme - The innovation of quiet, still, mindful altered states

Neuma Being is mentioned in this article published by Zpryme, an energy industry consultancy. Various industries are taking note of the well-being, creative and performance benefits of heightened restful states and other altered states.

Victor Zammit features Nelson's new Book

Victor Zammit, An Australian Lawyer promoting psychic science featured Nelson's new Book "The Tao of the Dow: Economics of Being" on his weekly publication of 21 years.


Neuma Being was selected as one of the well-being tech solution to dealing with stress related to COVID-19

Well-being Technology with Nelson Abreu and Manor Sumanagsinghe

Podcast interview with economist and author Mark Anielski on Well-being Technology with Nelson Abreu and Manori Sumanasinghe

Trailblazers in DTLA

Voyage LA magazine article featuring Manori as a trailblazer in DTLA.

YouTube Interview (Jan 2020)

Neumastudio and Neuma Being's CTO (Nelson Abreu) is interviewed by Suma Gowda on Internal Reality tech: technologies meant to facilitate transformative, creative mental states.

Zen Energy Magazine

We begin 2020 by being featured in newsstands all over Portugal, thanks to an article in the wellness magazine Zen Energy. The article was written by prominent leadership author Paulo Vieira de Castro.

Innovation & Consciousness Research

Listen to an episode of Multidimensional Evolution podcast featuring co-founder Nelson Abreu. He covered topics such as beneficial and limiting aspects of our cultural conditioning to applied consciousness research, the benefits of a scientific mindset, the nature of consciousness as part of the cosmic ecology, how technology can be used to develop greater self-awareness, and much more.

Interview on Tech and Mindfulness with Nelson Abreu

Interview with Nelson Abreu on Tech and Mindfulness on Brazilian podcast (Portuguese)

Podcast: And Then What?

Listen to this episode of And Then What? podcast featuring our co-founder Nelson Abreu as a guest speaker on the topic of "Out of Body Experiences and Technology"

Conscious Tech and Internal Reality

What types of technologies can facilitate the knowledge, development and well-being of individuals and, by extension, organizations and communities?

The transformative power of out-of-body experiences

Nelson's Talk with ARE Inc Australia

Design, Technology, and Consciousness

Talk by Manori at 2018 SSE / IRVA conference in Las Vegas

Qualifying biofield strength using biological sensors

Talk by Nelson at 2018 SSE / IRVA conference in Las Vegas

Neumascape Studio mentioned by HR Portugal Magazine

Neuma Being's parent company Neumascape Studio is mentioned in the Human Resources magazine in Portugal related to emerging technologies to help at the workplace.

Consciousness science technology & society

The Cymatix (Working title in 2017 Neuma Pod) presented and discussed at CSTS conference in Shanghai in Dec 2017


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