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Comfort Zone and Failure

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Fear of failure is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t follow their passions and dreams. It’s easier to stay in the comfort zone. You are familiar with what you have and where you are at and it feels less risky. There is a sense of security and you feel like you are in control. But after a while it might become boring or not rewarding.

How do we break this pattern? How do we grow and achieve our dreams?

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To achieve success / dreams / goals, the first step is to do a bit of “forensic work” on yourself and identify if and where you are in the comfort zone. Once you know this, you can then spend some time figuring out what are the key things in your fear zone. Are you making excuses for not chasing your dreams? Is there fear of failure? Is it that you are afraid of what people around you might think of you or what you are trying to do? Or are you afraid of people judging you if they think you failed?

To do these two steps, you need to be self critical without dragging yourself down mentally, emotionally, or energetically. Looking at yourself critically is challenging, it’s hard work and sometimes it’s not pleasant, because you have to be honest with yourself, and face things about yourself. This is where things like mindfulness, exercise, right food / diet, good social support, sleep and rest, etc. come in handy. I have found that it’s best to do self analysis when I am feeling somewhat OK. If I try to do this when I'm sick, or not feeling great, it tends to make it more difficult.

You can then move to learning new skills, learn to face new challenges and tackle them successfully, and eventually become comfortable with that. Again, using tools like mindfulness, taking care of your body and mind are critical to thriving at this stage so you can get to the growth zone. This is where the magic happens. You will feel the most accomplished and the most in tune with yourself at this stage. You will notice your sense of confidence is growing. You feel like your life has a purpose and it is meaningful. Your level of satisfaction in your life will increase.

At Neuma Being, our goal is to help you get to the Growth Zone. We are kicking off our community programming soon and we will be delving into topics to help you get there. We will have workshops, talks, Q & As, training programs, etc. to empower you in your own journey. If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, you can also supplement your progress with the neuro-bio tech tools at Neuma Mind Spa + Showroom.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming programming. Join our community to participate in these events. You can also follow us on Instagram to get weekly tips to supercharge your progress!

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