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Book: The Tao of the Dow

Book: The Tao of the Dow


THE TAO OF THE DOW: ECONOMICS OF BEING is based on the principle that the economy is meant to be a tool of Being, one that supports and nurtures us, rather than something that restrains and drains us. On the surface, economics is viewed in terms of raw materials and laws of supply and demand; but the economy of the future will transform society as we continue to blaze the path of design innovation, leadership based on integrity, and interpersonal respect. The workplace needs to be a space of creativity and positive re-enforcement rather than a place of rough competition and complacency.

Join Nelson in the exploration of how economics and consciousness affect each other and help us toward greater awareness of the innate interconnectedness that exists between human beings, as well as the environment we inhabit. This book reminds us of the invisible field that permeates everything we do, unites us, and is a determinant in whether we help each other toward a higher state of existence or hold each other back from living a life of purpose and care. We may not like "the system," but if we understand how we co-create and are the system, then we may understand that we have the power to improve it.


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