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Arriving at Neuma Mind Spa + Showroom

We are located in Chinatown Central Plaza, behind the Bruce Lee Statue. Neuma Mind Spa + Showroom  (and its Parent company Neumascape Studio) is located under the large hanging sign that says ToCo Haus . We are right next to AURAGAMI and in front of Grand Star Jazz Club. 

** Note: Jung Jing road is inside the plaza and it is a pedestrian alleyway, off of Sun Mun Way. Jung Jing Road does not connect to Broadway or N Hill Street. 

You may take public transportation to this area. There are several bus stops, we are a block away from Chinatown Metro Station, and we are only 10-15 minutes from Union Station. The Bruce Lee Statue in Chinatown is also easy to look up on ride share apps.

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If you do decide to drive, there are several paid parking options available in the area. The closest parking lots to the Mind Spa are the paid parking lots  at 933 Broadway ($7 - $20) or 419 College ($5 - $10).  In addition to these, there are several parking options in the area. Please note prices may vary. There are also plenty of street parking on Broadway, College, and Hill Streets.

Click here for Google Map instructions

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