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THE mind spa


a multi-sensory journey to maximize focus

Discover your ideal state of being with the Mind Spa. We are revolutionizing the way we use spas, meditation, yoga, and other techniques without the time or expensive commitment. Simply choose a journey that is designed to unlock creative insights, enhance mental focus, or conquer stress.

Journeys starting at $50 


feeling uninspired? 


raise your energy

Alleviate fatigue, stress, burnout, anxiety, pain and depression at the Mind Spa in less than 20 minutes. Each session will take you on a journey deeper than meditation. 


Tap into your creative genius

Connect the dots faster and discover the intuitive and insightful power of the subconscious like many of history's greatest artists, leaders, and innovators. Each session will unlock new ideas.


hear your subconscious

After each session you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a life-changing mental shift. Messages and insights will flow with greater ease.  


"balance between productivity & self-care"

After just two sessions , I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my body’s response to stress. I’m more mindful  and focused, which has helped me work towards finding that balance between productivity and self care. The level of hospitality and overall sensory experience that was provided made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire session.

Eveny S.

 Entrepreneur / Designer


The session was deeply restorative. I find myself on autopilot many days, going from one task to the next, which can lead to burnout. Taking some time to sink into an altered state with this type of a journey is not only a welcome break but also an effective way to reconnect with my true self. I left the session with renewed energy and feeling super centered and calm. 

brandon h.

Tech CEO


The Neuma Mind Spa experience was truly an immersive, thought-out EXPERIENCE.  This is a great way to recharge, introspect, explore deeper states of consciousness, and/or learn something new about yourself. There is a wide range of outcomes, but it is a great safe space for growth in whatever aspect may need it at that given time. Awesome!

Bardia S.

Entrepreneur / Artist



Located in Los Angeles Chinatown, The Mind Spa is an accessible, tech-driven experience that allows you to achieve substance-free altered states that go deeper than meditation. The lounge is the first of its kind and we've been told it feels like "laying inside of a sound bowl." Our proprietary micro-vibrational technology induces a deep experience embedded in our patent-pending lounge. From there, we guide you into your subconscious using our unique sound baths and verbal cues. When all of these elements are combined, you are gently guided to unlock insights, improve mental focus and multiply creative connections.

WHAT can i expect?

try risk free

Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer, Book your free consultation call and discover how to expand your mind quickly and affordably with a journey at the Mind Spa by Neuma Being.

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Who are we?

Neuma Being is an ecosystem of products and services to help you optimize your well-being and creative performance. We bring together over 50 years of expertise in design, technology and experience in various mindfulness modalities. Inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by the latest research, we make your personal mental journey more affordable and accessible than ever.

Ancient Techniques Meet Cutting-Edge Tech

443 Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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