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Originally published on May 25, 2020   | 2 min read

Embrace the Boredom for Creativity and Well-Being

In silence’s calm surrounds, we discover the power of imagination and throw open the gates to creativity.

– Picasso

Mindfulness in the name of self-care has become mainstream, but the advantages for innovation and inspiration are far less well-known. The two, of course, are interconnected: fatigue, burnout, stress, creative blocks, lack of motivation, purpose, etc. can certainly put a damper on creativity as the urban contemporary demands have increased the need for restful, creative states of mind that can facilitate innovation. These can be attained when we “pause” our business lives and allow some quiet, stillness, and even boredom into our lives.

Bored Boy

Many people found themselves bored during the COVID-19 isolation. Some drowned that feeling with endless streaming of online entertainment, social media, gaming — or by staying constantly busy. Contemporary life has glorified being busy. What if we are missing out on something important, by drowning our boredom reflexively?


First of all, boredom may be a sign that you are ready for new inspiration or project. Think back to the moments when some of your best ideas have surfaced. Chances are these were quiet, contemplative moments: while staring out the window in a train, while in the shower, or during a long walk. Letting your mind wander is crucial for creativity. From time to time, embrace the tedium or Bertrand Russell’s fructifying boredom.


When we need generative, divergent thinking, we tend to do better after boring activities. If we need to closely examine a problem and produce a concise, effective solution (convergent thinking), we tend to do better after mind-numbing activities. Our brain has the ability to operate in various modes. We can allow altered modes to manifest, by going beyond the normal waking state and unconscious sleep.


Some of the world’s top innovators and successful leaders schedule time to just contemplate, tapping into memory, observations, knowledge, experiences, imagination and allowing for novel connections to surface as those light bulb moments. Curious about how you can unlock abundant new opportunities for creative inspiration and innovation?

At the The Mind Spa by Neuma Being, you can enjoy 30, 60 or 90 minutes of quiet stillness and tech and techniques to reach heightened restful states: by yourself or with a partner. Everything you need to tap into new insights, enhanced mental focus, and feelings of tranquility, deep relaxation, and revitalization in as little as 20 minutes


Adapted from article by Nelson Abreu on Zpryme, an energy industry media and event agency.

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