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Neuma Being


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a journey within

The Virtual Mind Spa by Neuma Being is an accessible, tech-driven experience that allows you to achieve substance-free altered states from the comfort of your own home. Through curated soundscapes, one-on-one discussion, and a personalized plan, the Virtual Mind Spa takes you on a journey towards improved mental fitness. From creative breakthroughs to stress-reduction and gratitude, get ready to expand your mind quickly and affordably with the Virtual Mind Spa by Neuma Being.

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tired of being tired?

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relaxation & Rejuvenation

Reduce stress (and the risk of burnout) through the Virtual Mind Spa. Develop new altered states techniques for unwinding and restoring energy, focus, and authentic enthusiasm.

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creativity & Inspiration

Thousands of great minds across history have used altered states to improve creative practices and find inspiration. The Virtual Mind Spa’s substance-free experience connects you to that  same potential.

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Bliss & gratitude

The Virtual Mind Spa puts happiness within your power. More than just feeling functional, discover how altered states can you make you feel serene, satisfied, and genuinely grateful.

a new approach

Neuma Being is an ecosystem of products and services to help you optimize your well-being and creative performance. We combine expertise in design and technology with over 40 years of combined experience in mindfulness practices. Inspired by ancient wisdom and supported by the latest research, Neuma Being makes your personal mental fitness journey more affordable and accessible than ever.

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$35 a journey

don't take our word for it!

I believe we all go into meditation with the hope that we’ll come out of it better than we went in. My session felt like driving in the express lane to all my necessary chakra destinations. I felt like I was addressing all of my concerns directly, versus hoping things will feel better after. Compared to other practices, I feel more energy and greater control of it. 

brandon h.

Tech CEO

The session was deeply restorative. I find myself on autopilot many days, going from one task to the next, which can lead to burnout. Taking some time to sink into an altered state with this type of a journey is not only a welcome break but also an effective way to reconnect with my true self. I left the session with renewed energy and feeling super centered and calm. 


Life Coach

A guided journey within, like going to a nice welcoming spa room in my mind. Imagery was authentic and relevant for me. It was very helpful to be guided into an altered state with a trusted voice and ambiance. Really enjoyed and loved it and want to do it more often. 

Real Magic there.


Director / Writer