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holiday love our returning customers

Thank you for being a customer in 2022. As a token of appreciation, we have lined up a fabulous set of deals on sessions, a New Year renewal package & eGift Cards

@ The Mind Spa

in LA Chinatown Town, Central Plaza


A Journey deeper than meditation

The Mind Spa is a unique place to unlock insights and tap into your subconscious.

Our journeys are designed to help you break down mental barriers and

discover a deep, altered state never experienced before.


A Journey for 2 (60 mins)


Reg. $169


Mind Spa Experience (60 mins)


Reg. $89


Mind Spa Experience (90 mins)


Reg. $139

Twice as powerful!

This joint session will guide you + 1 on a journey deeper than meditation, side by side within our two lounges.

Our most popular journey! 

Guided by a trainer altered state mentor, experience the power of the lounge, its proprietary micro-vibrations that induce a deep experience, and the immersive soundscapes that gently guide you into your subconscious. 

Align your creative genius!

Build a personal practice around creative well-being! This journey takes you even deeper. It includes guidance by a trained altered state mentor to build and improve your personal well-being practice and improve your creative performance. 

Give the Gift They’ll Never Forget

Gift your loved ones a journey of self discovery and transformation. 

Take $20 OFF our Gift Cards

Gift Wrapped

$169 gift card


A Journey for 2

Gift Box

$89 gift card


60 min Mind Spa Experience

achieve clarity & set intentions

Try something radically different in 2023!

Transform your life by harnessing the power of the journeys in our lounge and be supported by an accountability mentor. Set up 2023 in full intention!



With each journey, you will be able to go deeper with your relaxation, bring deeper insights and feel more connected to yourself and your path ahead. 

Three 60 min Mind Spa Experiences +

Two 90 min Mind Spa Experiences


Reg. $545

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