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THE mind spa

Turn your dreams into reality with this secret ingredient

The best part about The Mind Spa is the actionable steps you receive to turn your dreams into reality. At one point, The Mind Spa was just a dream that I turned into reality with these techniques so we want to share them with you. They have been augmented with our tech-embedded lounge chair that helps release stress, improve focus, and gradually remove fears to help you turn your dreams into reality.  

Ready to change your life and chase your dreams? 


Still unsure? Keep reading.

How we've helped our customers


Since this is a new experience, we understand you may still feel a little unsure about trying a journey at The Mind Spa. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions from our customers. 

Q: Have you seen this lounge change people’s lives?

The short answer: Yes. Most immediately our clients tend to notice a release in tension, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and discomfort through our guided journeys. The more you engage in the experience the more likely you are to have insights and breakthroughs that influence your life. With enough time, our clients will experience big “aha” moments, cognitive shifts, and expansions that change the way they see themselves and the world: a greater sense of purpose and connection with their inner being.

Q: How do the vibrational sequences work?

"Energy flows where attention goes”. 

The sound and vibration used in the Neuma Lounge guide one’s attention effortlessly. With the body deeply relaxed and the mind shifting between awake and asleep, the door to healing, creative and transformative states of mind opens much easier and faster. 

Q: What is the Neuma Lounge?

The Lounge chair, with its embedded microvibration technology, puts your body into a deeply relaxed state while keeping your mind awake. I personally designed this beautiful, semi-enclosed recliner, and co-founder Nelson developed the embedded technology. Achieve deep relaxation and burnout recovery in as little as 20 minutes. You can’t find a tool like this anywhere else.

Q: Why does the lounge have this shape and particular atmosphere?

The lounge is designed to inspire awe, create delight, and a sense of safety. The deep charcoal seat is designed to provide maximum comfort and optimal ergonomics. You will receive a noise-canceling headset that delivers high-quality guided instructions and healing soundscapes. And last but not least, the embedded technology creates micro-vibrational patterns to bring attention to stress in the body in order to heal.

Q: What is your background and what inspired you to start Neuma Being?

I’m a designer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles with a background in architectural design and business. While working in architecture, I experienced periods of stress and burnout that caused my overall well-being, happiness, and gratitude to decrease along with my creative performance. And I was not alone! That’s when Nelson and I realized we could create something that would support and inspire others who felt this way. So we brought together our experience in the consciousness space and combined it with our passions for design, technology, and well-being to create Neuma Being.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sign up for $49.

Your transformational journey awaits!

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We are located in LA Chinatown Central Plaza

443 Jung Jing Road, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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