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Creativity, Authentic Self, and Transformation walked into a bar...

What happens when we peel of layers of learned behavior?

🌟 You can access you most authentic self 🌟

This learned behavior or programming tells us how we should or shouldn’t think, talk, or acting. We are shaped by how our families, cultures, education systems tell us how we should think, talk, or take action. So, we build these layers of personae on top of who we really are, and we start embodying those. Sometimes, we are really even ashamed of who we really are or what we really want to do.

However, Creativity has a lot to do with authentic expression. So, every time we numb our true selves and ignore that authentic voice, we go a little farther away from who we really are and from that true expression that’s critical for creativity.

There are many things you can do to access and tap into the most authentic self. The most effective and sustainable methods require you to peel off these programmed or learned behavior layers and shed them.

Here are some tools that are useful in identifying and peeling off those layers:

  • Mindfulness & heightened states - I regularly supplement my therapy work with Mindfulness and heightened state practices. This allows me the much needed introspection and understand my inner mechanisms. Not only do mindfulness and heightened state practices increase clarity of thought, focus, and help improve relaxation, they can also provide the energy balance that is required to maintain the integrity of one's self.

  • Therapy - It was not until I started therapy that I made progress by leaps and bounds. I have found out that working with licensed professionals is not only great from my mental health but it also supports me tremendously in my personal development. All the aspects that I noticed in myself through mindfulness and heightened state practices were able to be addressed properly through therapy. I went to a therapist first to address some of the trauma and mental well-being. Through working with him, I learned a lot about myself and continue to uncover so many of my patterns of behavior and thinking and use it in my personal growth.

  • Support group - A group of supportive individuals, even strangers, who are committed to uplift each other and hold space for growth to occur can be a powerful tool in this progress. Realizing that I was not alone in going through some of these issues was a big step for me. It gave me the courage to do something about it. These peers also showed me that I can address these challenges in a healthy way, without passing judgement on myself. That judgement can add a layer of unnecessary pressure that makes it even harder to do this transformative work. It feels much easier to do this hard work in a group than trying to do them alone.

  • Mentor or Coach - Having A mentor or a coach can be also be a great source of support through your journey. You can lean on their expertise and experience to give you clues to navigate through this journey. They can often lead you to explore deep within and ask the right questions to look for answers within. My long time mentors Nanci & Wagner offer energy mentoring and training. You can book them here. My new mentor Suzy Batiz has a kick-ass 8 week mentoring program that helped me reconcile a lot of stuff with business and life. I am currently doing the program for the second time. You can join the wait list for the next round here

  • Articulation / Journal - This was an unexpected discovery for me. I only started journaling recently but it has become a very potent tool in self analysis and awareness. The act of writing down requires me to articulate and this is one of the important steps in beginning the healing work. I use a 4 step method in this process as articulated in this diagram:

Nelson and I have been working on this for nearly 2 decades now. Both of us independently started our consciousness journeys in our teens without being fully aware this is what we are doing. By our early twenties we had become aware of the raw potential of these mindfulness and heightened state practices but it was not until the last decade that we have fully come to harness the absolute raw power of these practices and the states.

So, when we created Neuma Being, we wanted to be absolutely sure that we are hand picking and curating practices that have been the most effective for in being our most authentic selves. And it has been such a rewarding and wholesome journey to create these products and experiences to empower others to tap into their authentic selves.

When you start your transformation journey using our ecosystem, we are empowering you to peel of the old programming and uncover the real you. Through this, we hope you use your authentic expression to connect deeply with our world. Together we will uplift our communities and improve our world.

If you want to start your transformation journey and don't even know where to begin, well you have come to the right place. Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call with Manori. You can ask questions and find out how we can support you in your transformation in manifesting in your most authentic self.

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