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The Explorer

​Invest in your Inner growth!

Designed to support those who are interested in going on a personal development journey, this program provides structure and accountability.  Train with our co-founder Manori.  

At The Mind Spa

4 * 60 min Mind Spa Experiences +

1 * 90 min Mind Spa Experience


$529 value


The Seeker

For creative problem solving

and the ability to help you connect dots in a unique and inspiring way. These journeys go deep and are designed to unlock your most unique thoughts and ideas

and deliver them to

your conscience mind.

At  The Mind Spa

5 * 60 min Mind Spa Experiences


$475 value


The Professional

For the motivated professional

who is focused in improving performance and needs a quick reset in a short period of time. Multiple sessions can take you deeper in to your subconscious so you can unlock new ideas, connect dots, reduce stress and boost confidence.

Self-service at The Mind Spa

5 * 30 min Lounge Journeys


$245 value


train with manori & Nelson

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Next round - Dec 2024!

Want to try something radically different to transition to the New Year? Are you inspired to transform your life?

 Metamorphosis harnesses the power of the journey in our lounge and combines it with 2 workshops that will guide you to powerfully close 2022 and set up 2023 in full intention. 

2 powerful Workshops +

5 Lounge Sessions

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Creative Mentoring

 Available year-round 

If you are a creative / creator looking to work on a specific creative challenge or block,
this is the one for you.

Help identify what is disrupting the creative flow and align with your creative self. Release fears and achieve clarity to tune into your creative genius!

4 * 90 min Mind Spa Experiences + 1 Creative Mentoring Session


Creative Alignment

 Available year-round 

This advanced training program with 8 modules is designed to dive deep into your inner creative process. Each module comes with a chapter for reading, 1 hr discussion with Manori, self-paced practices and reflections. In, addition, it includes 2 creative mentoring sessions with founder Manori and/or Nelson. 

8 Modules +

2 Creative Mentoring Sessions


$906 value


$2,700 Value

how do these compare?

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require financing or financial assistance?

We have payment plans for all, and Financial Assistance for BIPOC, LQBTQI+, Veterans, Seniors, & Students.  

Email Manori at to find out more

supplement your package & dive deeper

90 - min Mind Spa Experience

For those who seek to build a personal practice around creative well-being! When combined with a package, this journey takes you even deeper. It includes guidance by a trained altered state mentor to build and improve your personal well-being practice and improve your creative performance.   

Align your creative genius! 

90 min  |    $149 

Dive Deep

Deep Work with a Mentor


100% tailor made to suit your specific needs, in this immersive experience you will work with Manori or Nelson to tap into the creative, healing and transformative power of your subconscious. Using Somatic Awareness techniques, we will identify what is stopping you from accessing your creative genius. Energy mindfulness techniques will be used to unblock the creativity within you. 

100 min  |   $350

Can't decide which package suits your needs the best?

Hop on a quick call to discuss.

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