Experience deep relaxation like you've never experienced before!


It's like a contact-free massage or a dry floatation experience  

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Experience authentic bliss, awe and insight!

30-min Lounge Journey

Ideal for a quick recharge or

if you are curious about the Neuma Mind Spa.

Experience the Neuma lounge,

its embedded tech-induced  micro-vibrations,

guided journeys and immersive soundscapes.


Ready to be transported into your imagination! 

30 min  |  Introductory price $ 40 (Regular $50)

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60-min Lounge Journey

Experience deeper relaxation with our Neuma Lounge and its embedded tech induced micro-vibrations, guided journeys and immersive soundscapes.

Tap into your inner source of well-being and self-discovery.


Dive Deeper into your Imagination! 

60 min  |   Introductory price $ 60 (Regular $75)

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60-min Neuma Mind Spa Experience

All the benefits of Lounge Journeys + pampering.

Treat yourself to a guided multi-sensory experience.

A tea ceremony, aromatherapy, and guidance by an altered state mentor, this entire journey is designed for deeper relaxation and recovery.  Tap into the

creative, healing and transformative power of
your subconscious

60 min  |   $110


90-min Neuma Mind Spa Experience


For those who seek to build a personal practice around creative well-being! This journey takes our 60-minute Mind Spa Journey even deeper. It includes guidance by a trained altered state mentor to build and improve your personal well-being practice and improve your creative performance. 

Align your creative genius! 

90 min  |   Introductory price $ 104(regular $130)

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