The power of the lounge combined with 2 intensive workshops. 

Workshop 1: Sun, Dec 12 @ 10:30am

Workshop 2: Sun, Jan 23 @ 10:30am

4 journeys in the lounge

1 Creative Alignment Mentoring Session


$853 value

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Go deeper than you’ve ever gone before


Want to try something radically different this year? Are you inspired to transform your life? For years people have been using drugs, meditation and other modalities to tap into their subconscious. This is different. Metamorphosis harnesses the power of the journey in our lounge and combines it with 2 workshops that will guide you to powerfully close 2021 and set up 2022 in full intention. 


$853 value

Here’s what you’ll get

Experience the power of the Mind Spa by spending nearly 6 hours in our lounge. With more exposure (over time!) you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind and bring deep insights, ideas and understandings

Powerfully close 2021: Life over the course of the last 12 month has been crazy  for many. Whether you experienced it first hand or empathically felt the energy of society’s angst this workshop will help you shed residual artifacts that no longer serve you. 

2022 Intention setting: Beyond resolutions, we will dig deep into your desires for health, wealth, love, community and success and bring forth truths about what you want.  Not sure what that means for you? That’s okay,  we will guide you into your purpose and help uncover your deepest desires.

Experience first-hand ancient asian tradition. The sandalwood burning ritual is a unique experience designed to cleanse your energies and symbolically bring closure.  



$853 value

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what is included in the package?

  • Tickets to Metamorphosis: 2-Part Workshop

Workshop 1 on Sunday, December 12 @ 10:30am 

Workshop 2 on Sunday, January 23 @ 10:30pm

  • 1 * 60 Minute Mind Spa Experience - With the guidance of a trained altered state mentor, learn how to improve your well-being and creativity on a personal level

  • 1 * 100 Minute Creative Alignment Mentoring Session with Manori - Receive a 1:1 session with Co-Founder and creative mentor Manori

  • 2 * 60 Minute Lounge Journeys - Experience the power of the lounge with this 60-minute journey that will guide you into your subconscious

  • 1 * 90 Minute Mind Spa Experience - Continue to align your creative genius with a mentor to unlock quality insights


$853 value

What Can I Expect? 

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Metamorphosis  is unique to each person, work with a mentor to determine how to uncover the best version of you. This package is designed to help you organize your priorities and take action towards reaching your goals. When you sign up for the full program, you will receive tickets to the events and Co-Founder and mentor will reach out to you to schedule your sessions


$853 value

Who are we?


We bring together over 50 years of expertise in design, technology and experience in various mindfulness modalities. Inspired by ancient wisdom and backed by the latest research, our products and services help you tap into your inner being. Your mentor Manori has over 30 years of experience in Mindfulness and Altered States and brings together ancient wisdom and cutting edge science. She brings her unique expertise in creativity and consciousness to guide you through your metamorphosis.  

Still have questions?

achieve clarity & set intentions

Transformative event  January 23, 2022

bringing together aspects of interactive workshops, a new year ritual, and a mixer. 


Workshop: Sun, Jan 23 @ 10:30am

In Chinatown, LA