Relaxation without intoxication




30 min Lounge Journey

30 mins    |     $50


60 min Lounge Journey

1 hr    |     $75


Neuma Mind Spa Experience

1 hr    |     $110

Go on a sound journey into your imagination! Ideal for someone who is curious about the experience.  Also serves as a quick recharge! 

Immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience that will connect to your inner bliss and guide your deeper into your imagination!

Treat yourself to some pampering and guidance by a Mentor. Go on a multi-sensory journey into your imagination and beyond!


The Mind Spa Experience is an ideal way to pause the mental chaos and noise of daily life. It is an opportunity to sit still with ourselves and dive into our true core. These moments of silence, reflection and openness are needed more often!

Irene E.


Such a unique experience, and one that left me with a refreshed mind and renewed motivation for my creative projects. I'm excited to take my friends here.

Adam C.


Im so grateful for my session with Manori. I showed up with an immense amount of stress in my upper body and felt a bit overwhelmed, but felt leaving completely relieved, relaxed, and free. I have also found an improvement on sleep which has been such a big help. Thank you!

Eveny S.

Yoga Instructor

I definitely felt very relaxed and could feel myself being pulled into a meditative state, almost a hypnosis experience, that put me into a relaxed dreamlike state.

I felt like I was being transported out of my body. I slept so well that night

Ellen B.

Designer, Podcaster, Healer, Tarot reader

Wow, this is truly a wonderful experience! I didn't know I needed and wanted something like this. Not only is the experience is so relaxing for my mind & body, it also gave me a great sense of insight about what is currently going in the present.

Ivan R.

Entrepreneur, COO / CFO

Tap into the

creative, healing, and

transformative power of

your subconscious

This New Year, embark on a of self discovery journey!


Take control of your future in 2021. Sign up for our new Creative alignment training:

  • Experience deep relaxation like you've never experienced before

  • Obtain Incredible Insights about your mind, body, and energy

  • Boost your creativity

Manori & Nelson combines their 20+ years of mindfulness & consciousness research with creativity and entrepreneurship, to guide your through a one-on-one (virtual or in-person) training program to support you in aligning your creative genius. These include workbooks with lessons, assignments, and homework supplementing the sessions you do with Manori. This is designed to help you work towards a specific goal and we will mentor you in your journey. 

3 units for  $ 345   |    5 units for $ 550   |   7 units for $700

Reg Price $ 120 a session and does not include the workbooks

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Recover from Stress and Burnout

Recharge Your Creativity