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What a few weeks it has been! Here in Los Angeles we saw heat waves, fires, smoke filled sky and earthquakes all in the past 3 weeks. And it has been hard! 

We've even had to take a couple of mental health days off. When things become hard, we always come back to why we are doing what we are doing. We want to empower our communities so that together, we can work towards finding solutions to the most pressing issues in our world. We have been able to find hope and courage through the work that we do at Neuma Being and serving our community. 

We thought now would be a great time to schedule 2 excellent workshops to share some of the best energy mindfulness techniques that we have come across. We've been using these techniques for nearly 20 years in our personal practices and here are some of the amazing benefits we've noticed: 

  • Clarity of thought

  • Improved focus

  • Energetic vitality

  • Inspiration

  • Increased self awareness

  • Brainwave Coherence (Connection between the hemispheres)

  • Clearing energy field

  • Aligning with your authentic self and your passion, mission, purpose

  • And many more ...

These techniques also became powerful tools behind the core work we do at Neuma Being such as inspiring the technology behind the Cymatix, the experiences we've designed at the Neuma Mind Spa, and space itself.

So, we've invited 2 of our mentors Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti, to teach our community some of these techniques. They are going to do 2 very special workshops focusing on the healing aspect of energy mindfulness. 


Saturday, September 26 @ 10:30am PST
Healing Fundamentals with Nanci Trivellato

Saturday, October 3 @ 10:30am PST
Healing for Healers with Wagner Alegretti

Nanci & Wagner are co-founders of IAC (International Academy of Consciousness) and I-ACT . They have dedicated thousands of hours to develop other educators and practitioners worldwide. They have mentored practitioners and instructors of energy mindfulness, out-of-body experience, personal development and more over a combined 6 decades from São Paulo to London and from Lisbon to Tokyo. They have mentored Nelson and Manori in energy practices for nearly 17 years. 


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