Meditating in Nature

Did you know that Mindfulness practices are a great way to tune into your higher self?


We are scheduling a series of workshops to share some of our favorite techniques and take you on a journey within, so you can expand outwards. 

We are offering 2 workshops on 4 different dates / times so you can chose the most suitable time in your busy schedule.


Join us and take a journey within!

Workshop 1:  Recover + Recharge 

(90 minutes)

Learn how to tune into your body intelligence and release any stress or tensions you are carrying with in your body.  We will be using a technique we have developed called Somatic Awareness Matrix and guide you to scan all over your body, your energies, your chakras and your emotions. Then we will engage in a deep mindfulness meditation exercise influenced by Theravada Buddhist tradition in compassion and healing. This interactive workshop gives you several opportunities to practice the techniques and ask questions from the facilitator. 

Workshop 2:  Whole Well-being 

(90 minutes)

Tune into your whole being in this interactive workshop using some ancient and contemporary mindfulness practices. Learn how to harmonize your body, mind, energy, and emotions. We will continue with the journey we started with workshop 1 and delve deeper.  We will be using some mindfulness techniques influenced by south asian yogic and buddhist traditions as well as some of our very own manifestation techniques. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and practice with the facilitator.

We are based in Los Angeles (PST). To convert to your local time click this link

Workshop 1

Saturday, January 23

@ 09:00 hrs Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8)

(12:00 New York / 17:00 UK / 17:00 France / 21:00 Dubai / 22:30 Mumbai)

Workshop 2

Saturday, February 20

@ 10:00 hrs Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8)

(13:00 New York / 18:00 UK / 18:00 France / 22:00 Dubai / 23:30 Mumbai)


Manori & Nelson are the founders of Neuma Being, a well-being tech startup. They are converging their interests and expertise in design, technology, and consciousness within the Neuma Being ecosystem. Their concept store Neuma Mind Spa + Showroom in Chinatown, Los Angeles, showcases some of the technologies and experiences that they curate within Neuma Being

Manori is a designer and entrepreneur with a background in architecture and business. She started her consciousness investigation journey at the tender age of 11 and trained under some of the most prolific meditation masters and monks in Sri Lanka.

Nelson is an Engineer, author, speaker, and a consciousnesses researcher. He first became interested in out-of-body experiences and other consciousness phenomena at around 16. Nelson has been teaching consciousness studies and mindfulness for nearly two decades. 


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Price $ 47 per workshop

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