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April 20, 2020



Nelson's new book has finally arrived!

THE TAO OF THE DOW: ECONOMICS OF BEING is based on the principle that the economy is meant to be a tool of Being, one that supports and nurtures us, rather than something that restrains and drains us. On the surface, economics is viewed in terms of raw materials and laws of supply and demand; but the economy of the future will transform society as we continue to blaze the path of design innovation, leadership based on integrity, and interpersonal respect. The workplace needs to be a space of creativity and positive re-enforcement rather than a place of rough competition and complacency.

Join Nelson in the exploration of how economics and consciousness affect each other and help us toward greater awareness of the innate interconnectedness that exists between human beings, as well as the environment we inhabit. This book reminds us of the invisible field that permeates everything we do, unites us, and is a determinant in whether we help each other toward a higher state of existence or hold each other back from living a life of purpose and care. We may not like "the system," but if we understand how we co-create and are the system, then we may understand that we have the power to improve it.


"More than a transformative legacy, this book contains, in itself, a seed of profound goodness. Definitely, a must-read."

Paulo Vieira de Castro, MS,

Director of the Fear Conference,

Leading Portuguese-language author on well-being in organizations

"Directly addresses the exclusive bias of the present economic growth paradigm based on greed, and provides a transformative approach using the latest research from consciousness studies."

C. M. Chantal Toporow, PhD,

Aerospace Engineer,

Education Chair,
Society for Scientific Exploration

"A tour-de-force of ideas for a better life world. An extraordinary accomplishment, at a very important time. It should be read and discussed widely starting in high schools."

Torben Riise, PhD,

Biotech Exec,

Co-author of Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences

"A practical system that we can co-create that helps build an economy based on well-being and a higher consciousness of love"

Mark Anielski, MSc,

Author of The Economics of Happiness, An Economy of Well-Being

"An invitation to a  new narrative - one that is a true light of hope, not only for goodness, but also for possibility. Clear, honest, lucid, simple, deep, and open testimony."

Alfredo Cunhal Sendim BS.Eng,

World-renown agro-ecology expert,

Freixo do Meio coop founder

"Discusses feasible approaches and offers practical ways for optimizing evolution of human society, but not at the cost of our souls or the biophere"

Wagner Alegretti, BSEE,

Co-founder of International Academy of Consciousness and I-ACT,

Author of Retrocognitions

"Connecting the deep layers of human consciousness with organizational factors like productivity, finance, profit and the market is what makes this narrative of this book unique." "To find yourself beyond the physical body, economy beyond the market, and leadership beyond the organization, this book is the one you are looking for."

Mohammadreza Bashiri, BSEE, PE, MBA, EdD
Leadership and change management expert
Energy and Utilities leader 

TTOD- Summary
OPEX Fund Raiser

May 1, 2020

Join us to support LA Food Bank!

Fund Raiser Alert!

COVID-19 pandemic came and changed our lives all around the world. Most of us are safely sheltered in place and so many of our frontline first responders and essential workers are working hard to keep us all safe. Our sincere gratitude goes out to these selfless individuals risking their personal well-being to ensure that we are healthy, we have food to eat, our cities are kept clean, our loved ones are taken care of, and our utilities are running. 


But let us also not forget those in our communities who are experiencing extreme financial hardships at this time. In order to help feed some of our neighbors experiencing these difficulties, we have decided to do a fund raiser. For every copy of Nelson's Ordinary People Extraordinary Experiences book you purchase, we will donate to LA Food Bank to provide 20 meals to residents in need.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experiences is a collection of 30 odd and curious  experiences by 18 everyday people from across the demographic spectrum. These experiences produced curiosity, insights, wonder, transformation and cognitive shifts that made them question their assumptions. Transformative experiences can helps us see ourselves, others, nature, and even reality from a different perspective. The book rounds out with provocative alternative views of what these phenomena could mean. This book will leave you with more questions than answers, but also curious to have your own experiences, enjoy your own "aha moments" and reach your own conclusions. Regardless of what we make of these experiences, it is clear that transformative experiences can be a source of energy, creativity, empathy and insight: we could all use some of that.



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