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Originally published on May 20, 2020   | 2 min read

5 Tips for Overcoming Creative Blocks

Creativity has been one of the constant sources of joy for me in my life. When I’m going through something difficult, I turn to design as a way of processing those emotions. But at times, I’ve found myself creatively blocked or drained. I want to share some tools that has helped me.

Flowers and Tranparency

Creative blocks happen to me when I have too many anxiety-inducing ideas in my head all at once. Too many thoughts about all that needs to get done and thoughts about worst case scenario “what if’s”. Then, I start compounding that with negative thoughts that bring up shame and regret. This causes stress and bam! Creative block or creative drain!


Here are some of the tricks I use to prevent this and overcome my own creative blocks::


1. Planning & organization: Write down all that I have to do and allocate time frames. Schedule tasks. Note - working with my therapist, I realized I was over-scheduling my day. So whatever I think I can do in a day, I plan 20% less. Also plan for self-care, mental hygiene, and rest / Relaxation time. Then stick by this plan.


2. Release the body: Now that I have scheduled all the to-dos, I don’t have to carry them on my shoulders anymore. I can make peace with the timeline I worked out. I give myself permission to release my body. 


3. Rest and Relax: Self-care has become such a huge part of my creative process. I have to let things emerge sometimes and this can happen when I give myself the space to just be. So, sleeping enough and giving myself enough downtime has become a critical part of my creative process - especially when I feel drained or stressed. Since I've started the Mind Spa, I treat myself periodically to a Mind Spa Experience to support deep relaxation. 


4. Reframing the mindset: When I do these steps, I don’t get into the worst-case scenario thinking as much. I have learned to be vigilant to catching myself when these patterns pop up. Just by becoming aware that I started thinking this way, it becomes easier to address and break these patterns of behavior. And instead of thinking "what if things go wrong?", I reframe my thinking to be more empowering and remind myself "what if things go right?"


5. Being present: Enjoy being in the present moment. This is easier said than done. One approach I found to be useful is to identify the things I can't control and release them - let go of the need to control. Don’t worry about the past that is completely beyond control - you can't change it no matter how much you think about it, or a future that hasn’t happened yet. 


I hope these steps help you in “clearing” you mind and giving yourself the space for new ideas to emerge. If you need a little boost, try one of our mind expanding journeys at The Mind Spa by Neuma Being. A great place to start is our 30 Minute Lounge Journey, where you will be transported into your subconscious and experience deep relaxation and a sense of connection with your inner self in as little as 20 minutes, aided by our proprietary micro-vibration technology, immersive soundscapes, and a guided altered state journey.

With blessings,


Owner of The Mind Spa by Neuma Being

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